We are Via Calzabigi

and our mission is to create extraordinary socks.

Via Calzabigi is the name of an elegant street located in the centre of Livorno, the town where we have our headquarters. The reason why we decided to call our brand after the name if this road is not just because it includes the word “calza” (which means sock), but because when we googled Raniero de Calzabigi (the person whose the road is entitled to), a poet and literary man who lived towards the second half of the eighteenth century, we found a sophisticated and trendy chap with a nice smile on his face. What is more, Raniero de Calzabigi lived half of his life in Livorno and the other half in Naples. Since Alessandro, CEO and founder of the company, is from Livorno and Massimo, Chief designer and co-founder, has Neapolitan origins, we thought that this naming was perfect.

We actually love this accessory and we are totally dedicated to make awesome unisex socks with a versatile and unmistakable style.

We use certified fine yarns with anti-bacterial features and we carefully design our socks, after studying innovative and stylish patterns, listening to our customers and engaging with sock experts on the social networks.

We dream of a world where people wake up in the morning and, after a relaxing shower and a healthy breakfast, open their drawers stuffed with eccentric and fascinating socks and select one pair in accordance with their mood, without thinking too much about how to match them with the rest of their clothes.

We really hope to be able to generate a community of men and women who are truly passionate about design socks, and enjoy getting our packs and collect our products.

To do that, we strive to create a fantastic “customer experience” and we take great care in handling all aspects of production and quality control.

Our Sock Club and our distribution

Via Calzabigi aims at communicating the tradition of the Italian socks craftmanship, the comfort of our yarns and the extraordinary uniqueness of our design. Socks do get ruined due to aging and it is not unusual to get addicted to awesome socks.

Our Sock Club allows us to reward the loyalty of our customers and deliver 2 pairs of socks every 2 months, always different and with a convenient pricing.

We try to create the same atmosphere also with the retailers who decide to distribute our products. An unforgettable customer journey with trendy colors and patterns to make a wonderful present to yourself or to others.

Massimo Ferrara

Chief Design Officer

Alessandro Cirinei

Chief Executive Officer

A global presence

online and more

Online shop

To get a wonderful gift for yourself or for your friends


For the real “Sockaholics” who wish to get new models and save money.


For companies and organizations who want to customize socks for tradeshows, events or to make an impressive corporate gift


For those who prefer to touch and feel the freshness of our socks

The features of our socks

design, experience and quality of our yarns

Italian Design

We study innovative and cool designs, listening to the opinions of our customers.

Fine Yarns

Organic cotton, cotton mixed with cashmere, certified wool and lots of other quality blends.

Glamour and uniqueness

We create eccentric and sophisticated collections to ensure a charming look to both men and women


We research and develop abstract patterns using amazing color tones and geometric shapes to add value to your style.


We use artisanal production techniques in line with the tradition of the Italian hosiery


We assist during the ironing and we ensure that our production process meets the best quality standards.