It is well known that a pair of dapper socks is one of the most appreciated gift and that someone who receives a pair of socks as a present usually has an enthusiastic reaction.

The variety of different designs that can be created is huge with respect to any other accessory and that allows to make an innovative and awesome marketing tool which permits to effectively communicate the right perceptions associated to a brand.

Via Calzabigi Custom has developed a specific “know-how” to produce branding supports through the style of our socks and their packaging.


Socks are consumable but they are always useful. The problems related to sizes are limited. It is a quality garment which required an acceptable investment, they can be 100% unisex and there is always a chance where they will surely be splurged.

Brand Development

It is possible to identify the ideal design and style in line with the corporate image with a lot of creativity. The margins to customize socks include the labels, the packaging as well as the colors and the patterns.


It is possible to create marketing tools specifically designed for events, trade shows and exhibitions. The creative versatility allows to develop custom solutions to communicate all sorts of messages.


Via Calzabigi “custom” enables to develop “branded socks” identifying the perfect solution from a style and technical aspect handling all aspects of the communication. You will be supported by our experts during the selection process and you will be able to comfortably take decisions regarding geometries, patterns and yarns. I will be a true consultancy service which will allow you to explore the socks world and build your own style to associate to your logo / brand.


Following your briefing, we will analyze the project in depth and will create digital mock-ups to be approved. Complimentary sample socks will be provided as well as labels and packaging mock-ups.


our design can be created on the basis of standard patterns or it can be totally customized for more complex branding projects


On average we need at least 60 days to design and produce the socks as well as to complete our quality control operations.


We can handle international shipments upon request. Fees and taxes will be quoted case-by-case.


The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces per per each type of design associated to one size.


Prices vary in accordance with the quantity ordered as well as the on the complexity of the patterns and the quality/type of yarns.



The cost of a single pair of socks is established after the analysis of the project. It can range from € 4 to over € 10 euros but it very much depends on the quantity ordered, the complexity associated to the patterns and, above all, on the type and quality of yarns.

We advise to use organic combed cotton to ensure resistance and wearability.

Yes we can handle international shipments. However, it is important to say that custom taxes and VAT might increase the costs. Taxes issues will be explored case-by-case.

We have a predefined palette with 30 colors available. However, we can generate all colors with an additional fee which will be established during the analysis. The colors are only an indication because the real color yield is different from the one you can view on a pc or smartphone screen. Our designers will help you to better understand the color nuances and advise you on how to predict the final colors.

Following your brief, we analyse the ideal solution in terms of design, colors, patterns, labels and yarns. We supply you with free digital mock ups. After your approval we send you complimentary free samples so that you can feel the socks. We manage the project with a methodic approach and we take special attention to the goals of the messages. We strive to trasmit the right perceptions of your brand or communicate a concept through the style and the presentation of the product.

Absolutely. However, we mismatched socks include two different designs and the minimum order should be 200 pieces.

Usually we produce two sizes which can be considered as unique sizes for men and women (36-41 for women and 41-47 for men).

For significant quantities, we can produce three different types of sizes:
Small: 35-38
Medium: 39-42
Large: 42-47

Labels and ties are very important to display the product nicely. We can also produce a wide range of packaging solutions which can contain one or several pair of socks. Such solutions can be rigid (cardboards or metal) or soft (plastic resins), but always trendy and compelling.



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