Terms and condition


Our prices are in GB Sterling in UK, in US Dollars in US, in Australian Dollars in Australia, in Canadian Dollars in Canada and in Euros in all other countries. VAT is included in the final price.

Methods of payment

We accept payments via PayPal and through a recurrent billing system using SmallPay system.
PayPal and Credit Card: Online payment by credit card is protected by a system of highly effective data encryption. Orders you may pay by credit card through the secure payment system of PayPal ®. All credit card information is communicated by the customer directly to PayPal ®, without going through the server of Xool srl that will in any way aware of the credit card number of the customer. PayPal automatically encrypts all the information about the payment transaction with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL protocol) of 128-bits (the highest level available for e-commerce). The credit cards accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, Postepay Card, Visa, American Express and PayPal. Payments through PayPal ® PayPal ® is another online payment method absolutely sure you will make the payment of the order by going directly to your account. Data related to your account and your credit card will be handled directly by PayPal, which will give us just a communication via email after payment has been made. For more information go to www.paypal.com
Recurrent Billing: the system is totally safe and handled by a gateway called SMALLPAY. This system allow us to bill your credit card periodically only after the bi-monthly pack has been sent but you can stop the subscription at anytime by sending an email to unsubscribe@viacalzabigi.com with your ID code.
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Money Transfer: You can use the money transfer payment only if you but the 4 pack or socks from the shop. When your order is placed you will receive a confirmation mail containing further payment instructions. After you received the confirmation mail you have to submit the money to the bank account specified in the payment instructions. Important: Make sure to specify the order number with your money transfer. To avoid any cancellation please pay instantly after receiving the order confirmation and payment instructions.

Mistake in the order

In case you make a mistake in the order, we advise you to write an email to sales@viacalzabigi.com stating the word “MISTAKE” in the object. Make sure you describe the issue in detail and include your name, surname and ID Code. We will make sure to deal with your problem with urgency.

Confirmation the transaction

When you click on the “confirm” button at the end of the order process, you implicitly accept the terms and conditions written on this web page. The order will be saved on our systems and will be considered as a proof of the transaction that took place on viacalzabigi.com

Lack of availability

The socks model indicated in the subscription catalogues (buzy and funky) might not always be available. In case a certain model is not available, we will send a similar model which has not been sent before of the same value. Regarding the socks in the shop “limited edition”, in the rare case of non-availability after an order has been made, we will quickly get in touch with the customer and proceed with the refund.
We therefore claim the right to cancel an order for non-availability.

Newsletter subscriptions

Purchasing customers may be automatically subscribed to the newsletter. You may opt out at anytime by using the link provided in each newsletter message. Your personal contact information will not be shared with any other company or other entity except as required by law.

Acceptance of the purchase orders

The order placed by the Buyer is subject to the explicit acceptance of the terms and conditions of use. The acceptance shall be sent via e-mail to the address given by the Buyer together with the information provided for by law regarding distance contracts (sect. 52 Italian D.Lgs. No.206/2005). The orders issued by the Buyer will only be binding on Via Calzabigi products if the Buyers receives confirmation from Via Calzabigi by e-mail that the whole order process has been duly completed, that payment has been accepted and that the products are available. Make sure you print the e-mail and keep it somewhere safe, since it contains all the terms and conditions of the purchase contract. If you do not receive the e-mail of confirmation, please contact us using your e-mail address. The Buyer accepts that all communications from the Supplier relating to the order are sent via e-mail and Web service.

Guarantees given by the buyer

The Buyer guarantees, accepting all and every relevant liability and holding the Supplier harmless from any prejudicial consequence, that his personal data given at the time of accepting these terms of sale are true. The Buyer also guarantees that such data allow his true identity to be identified. The Buyer therefore undertakes to inform the Supplier immediately in writing, also via e-mail, of all and any change in the supplied data. The Buyer is given at the time of registration a user name (or User-ID) and the password (for access to the protected areas of the site), the combined use of which will identify the Buyer and will allow him to purchase on-line on the viacalzabigi.com site. The Buyer is therefore informed of the fact that purchase orders issued through the combined use of the user name and the password are valid and binding. The availability of both the user name and password to a third party would allow the latter to issue regular orders that oblige the Buyer (having been identified by user name and password) to accept receipt of the ordered goods and to pay the due amount. The Buyer is therefore required to keep both the identification code and the password duly confidential for the entire duration of the relationship with the Supplier. The Buyer is also informed of the need to give the Supplier a valid e-mail address so that the latter may forward the confirmations of order and any other communication.

Limitations of liability

Invoicing: issuing and receiving bills via e-mail
A simple fiscal receipt will be issued for the goods, subject matter of the order, and will be attached to the same.
The Italian Ministry of Finance has for some years acknowledged the possibility of sending via computer systems (such as e-mail) the copy of the invoice addressed to the Buyer (VAT law, art. 21, art .22 paragraph 1, of Italian DPR (Presidential Decree) No. 633/72). On the basis of such legitimacy of computer transmission systems, XOOL exercises this faculty to send the invoice via e-mail in order to comply with the needs for rationalization and simplification of the accounting procedures and to offer its Buyers an up-to-date solution in line with the development of invoicing systems in Italy.
The invoice is considered as issued upon transmission of the same. The invoice is understood as received from the moment in which the data it contains are received at the e-mail address declared by the Buyer upon registering with viacalzabigi.com, and in any case no later than the fifth day from transmission of the actual data by XOOL.
We underline that the invoice in electronic format is only valid for tax purposes if printed out.

Applicable Law

The Italian Laws are applied to all e-commerce services on the viacalzabigi.com site, the consumer acknowledging that he has voluntarily and freely accessed the viacalzabigi.com site. Pursuant to sections 1341-1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Buyer declares that he has read and specifically accepted the clauses and the terms of sale on the viacalzabigi.com site.

Competent court

For any dispute concerning or arising from the performance hereof, the competent forum shall be designed in compliance with EC Regulation 44/2001 or Italian D.Lgs. 206/2005, depending on which results applicable.

Nature of the relationship and cases of non-applicability of the consumer protection laws

In conformity with all that is provided for under Italian and community laws currently in force, the consumer protection law governs the economic relationship between the Supplier and the Buyer solely if the Buyer purchases our Products for personal purposes unrelated to his working activity. Relations between the Supplier and the Buyer who makes purchases for purposes related to his working activity, giving his registered VAT number, are therefore not governed by the consumer protection laws, including in particular Italian D.Lgs. (Legislative Decree) No. 206 of 2005 (Consumer Code), Italian D.Lgs. No. 70 of 2003 (Electronic Commerce) and sections 1469 bis and following. of the Italian Civil Code.


We might offer a wide range of promotions both to potential customers who registered to our newsletter or to active customers. Such promotions are always sent by email but the users can decide to opt out and stop receiving them at any time by clicking on the de-registration link which is present on the email.
Promotions might have a duration after which they are no longer valid.